Our Services

Business development & Marketing

ARCH understands the importance of integrating existing capabilities as well as developing new systems and technological know-how to deal with the ever-changing challenges and opportunities inherent in the unique SEA environment. We provide expert guidance and robust cost-effective implementation within the following key categories.

Identifying viable opportunities and managing ongoing programs to allow client interests to expand within the aerospace and defense verticals.

  • Direct access to new opportunities, bidding and budgets
  • Market expertise, competitor analysis and strategy development
  • Real-time availability and direct access to customers
  • Local footprint, liability, trust and personal-touch with clients
  • Innovative local marketing tools

Project Management, Operation & Support

Providing full PMO (Project Management Office) services, including project control and reporting, planning and scheduling, planning and management , risk management, and assurance of all project management processes.

  • Local management, online support
  • Procurement management and commercial advisory services
  • Logistics, administration, customs clearance, storage and delivery
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) services
  • Infrastructure and construction supervision
  • Training and assimilation


Localization into emerging markets involves rapid-response decision-making and expert negations skills. ARCH delivers a comprehensive and cost-effective localization support package encompassing a full range of services that enable clients to quickly establish practicable activities in the region.

Communication and customer relationships
  • Lobbying and collaboration with local authorities
  • Relationship facilitation to clients
  • Interpretation and adaptation to local culture
Risk analysis and management
  • Political risk analysis
  • Potential conflict with local players
  • Bureaucracy, regulations and tax services
  • Legal and accounting services
Local Services
  • Standardization, QA (quality assurance) and certifications, Local sub-contracting/HR services/due diligence on local contractors, translation and localization of technical/marketing/ software/web/media materials etc.