ARCH is privileged to be working with some of the world's most prominent organizations within the Aerospace Industry. We provide a wide range of continuously upgraded technological solutions and services perfectly aligned with industry demands for agility and change within the region.

Services we provide under Aerospace are below:

  • High-end analysis and execution of projects and services provided by senior aerospace experts in operations, management and technology systems.
  • Seamless integration of new technologies and operating systems, instruction and training, identification of organizational and technological reforms and the characterization of breakthrough technologies.
  • Consulting services directed by a team of former IAF fighter pilots, engineers and technicians along with specialists in commercial aerospace.
  • Implementation of advanced training methodologies and activities within the organization from training courses to flight simulation and related facilities.
  • High-end Quality Assurance for large portfolio of avionics, communications and simulations systems, plus monitoring of software and hardware systems for both military and commercial aerospace organizations.
  • Development of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), interactive training centers and operation systems and facilities.
  • Customized interactive training for ground and air system operations.
  • Implementing training programs for management, instructors, flight, maintenance and technician teams.
  • Technical writing and assistance in submission of RFI’s and RFP’s.
  • Marketing and training materials created to customer specifications: Technical literature, illustrations, image videos, computer training manuals etc.

In cooperation with our respected partners and technology providers, ARCH provides the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and safety within the following strategic areas.

  • SCM, MRO, CRM, ERP and solutions tailored to the Aerospace industry.
  • Command and control solutions for technical/operational assets, field employees and fleets.
  • Turn-key aerospace applications for easy deployment and integration into existing organizational infrastructures.
  • Cloud-based solutions offer full compliance with technical documentation and regulatory requirements, guarantying the utmost levels of security:
    • Assimilation of IT systems enabling full supervision over flight and maintenance for both commercial and defense aircraft.
    • Characterization and development of aerial and ground-station Command & Control Systems
    • MRO and SCM monitoring and cost/performance optimization systems

Partnering with Israeli Air Force expert s to deliver extensive, critical experience in Command & Control Systems.

Advanced, independent GIS Command & Control solutions, using cellular geographical positioning of operations.

Tactical tools and technologies for optimal control over field operatives and data-gathering in real-time.

Functionality includes:

  • Unified GIS based monitoring system
  • Event and task management
  • Various location and status-based alerts POI
  • POI and GIS information editing
  • Online PP and team member location
  • Online debriefing system
  • Decision supporting engine
  • Full integration capability with 3rd-party system